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Using this technique allows you to use a much larger piece of fabric than the pattern calls for. By using a larger piece, the task is much easier. Your fabric won’t fray as you turn it under, your fingers won’t have to work so hard to manipulate tiny edges, and you won’t burn your fingers. Your edges will be perfect and then you trim away the excess. You can make dozens of applique pieces at once, then apply them. Project time will be cut in half!

How to use the Sixth Finger Stiletto

1. Begin with a template. We use a manila file folder, cut to desired shape, as our template.

2. Cut your fabric inch larger than the template.

3. Moisten around the fold line of your fabric. (Water or diluted starch)

4. Using the flat prong of the 6th Finger Stiletto, Begin at an edge and fold fabric up to the template.

5. With a dry iron, press the material up to the edge of the template, while holding the edge under the iron with the Stiletto.

6. Now use the pointed prong and manipulate the fabric under the iron as you press around the edge of the template.

7. Allow fabric to dry while pressing.

8. Once all the edges are pressed, THEN trim to the 1/4 inch allowance and continue to applique using your favorite method. This is ideal even for the needle turner... You will still have a hand done applique, it will just have perfect edges!

Use for quilting, sewing and crafting projects

Protects your fingers when ironing, gets in tight places with ease, and allows you to safely work very close to the needle of your machine!

Use for machine applique, embellishments, hems and bindings

Use for ribbon embroidery



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